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Hydraulic Cylinder


We service the following industries: 

  • Refuse Waste 

  • Cranes and Agriculture 

  • Offshore & Marine 

  • Oilfield 

  • Lumber

  • Industrial 

  • Construction 

  • Steel Mills 

  • Chemical 

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair



Our cylinder repair services range from individual component repairs to complete cylinder restorations. Our facility & personnel have both the capability and capacity to repair/re-manufacture any cylinder that comes in our door. Call or e-mail us for a free quote today! 

Cylinder Manufacturing


With over 30 years of experience and our unrivaled dedication to customer service, quality products, and on-time deliveries, Hydraulics of Texas continue to maintain our place as a preferred manufacturer for many of the industry leaders throughout the world. Our specialized personnel will guide you through the manufacturing process from design all the way to implementation.  



Our pump technicians are highly experienced professionals who offer your product a quick tear-down and quotation. We understand that when you have a fluid power pump need, it’s generally a critical situation so you can rest assured that your repair need is the focus of our attention. Services include: repairing and manufacturing power units, hydro-static transmissions, vane pumps & motors, and piston pumps & motors.

Hydraulic Cylinder Exchange


As part of our on-going commitment to customer service, Hydraulics of Texas is pleased to offer a cylinder exchange program to our customers. We maintain a vast inventory of re-manufactured/rebuilt refuse cylinders that extend discount pricing below standard OEM costs and, in most cases, provide the same OEM warranty as well. 



Our commitment to quality control never ends. To ensure that all our work is performed to your requirements, Hydraulics of Texas maintains specialized testing stations in our cylinder shop for everything we manufacture and rebuild. Each cylinder is tested to meet your specifications prior to it leaving our facility.  

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